Wholesale Programs Tailored to your Sector

M Six Labs services everyone who wants a piece of the CBD industry. From bulk sales to distributor programs as well as medical, institutional, and industrial use, we’re proud to help as many people as we can make use of high-quality CBD products.

If you’re unsure of what sector you belong to or are interested in working with us through a wholesale arrangement, please reach us by phone (262-825-5510) or our built-in contact form

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Bulk Sales

No matter if you need crude CBD, distillate, or isolate as well as biomass such as raw hemp, flower, stems, or fibers both pre- and post-extraction, our bulk sales division is here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Products can be purchased in smaller jars and containers as well as gallons, cases, barrels, super sacks, or large containers. We work with UPS, FedEx, DHL Worldwide, and other common carriers, supplying all sectors that need CBD products. Let us know if you have specific shipping instructions for your orders by providing a spec sheet for all your packing needs.

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Distributor Programs

As opposed to bulk sales, our distributor programs let anyone sell our Silverlake brand en masse. Whether you’re currently a distributor or wholesaler or just starting out and looking for your first partner, we’re happy to provide high-quality CBD products for you to sell to other customers.

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Institutional / Medical

Does your medical facility or institution need high-quality CBD products in specific doses, special formulations, and concentrations? Do you want to be able to sell CBD products in-office or through your pharmacy? We can help you with all your medical CBD needs. On the off-chance we’re not currently making a product you’re looking for, we may be able to create it for you based on your specifications and depending on the quantities you need. Let our capable sales department know what you need and we’ll see what we can do to provide the best possible service and products so you can, in turn, better serve your patients.

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Government Sales

For government sales please contact our government sales department.