Silver Lake Delta 8 Atomic Crystals 40mg 1920 x 175-01

Silver Lake Atomic Crystals. They are available in CBD and Delta 8. The Silver Lake Atomic Crystals listed below are all made using Delta 8 derived from the Industrial Hemp plant.  These Delta 8 edibles come in a single 40mg serving per tube. The Silver Lake Atomic Crystals in Delta 8 40mg is an explosion of goodness for your senses. Its a party in your mouth. It is a great way to get your Delta 8 intake. They come in an array of awesome flavors. When taking these Atomic Crystals don’t be to surprised at the release of sounds. You may here and feel a snapping popping sensation with the added sounds of crackling and fizzing when placed in your mouth. Great Taste. Great Flavors. Great Fun. Try our Delta 8 Silver Lake Atomic Crystals in 40mg today. You will be glad you did.

CBD Atomic Crystals
We Formulate Comfort 1920 x 175-01
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