Silver Lake THC Free Vegan Chews 25mg 1920 x 175-01

Silver Lake THC Free Vegan Chews have 25mg of CBD per chew. Our great tasting chews in a THC Free form. There are many different chemical compounds in the Industrial Hemp plant. CBD and THC are the most well-known. These vegan chews do not contain THC (the one that gets you high). Available in 10ct jars. Not to firm and not to soft like a gummy, our chews are just right.  They come in five AWESOME flavors, Cherry Lime, Grape, Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon and if you do not know which flavor to try, we have a Sampler Pack. Two chews of each flavor in a handy little jar. Made in Wisconsin. Third-party DEA Certified Laboratory tested to ensure product constancy, reliability and compliancy.

THC Free Vegan Chews 1920 x 1080-01
We Formulate Comfort 1920 x 175-01
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