Chaz Ortiz’s Essential Balm

If you’re passionate about skateboarding, living legend Chaz Ortiz needs no introduction. Since 2017, he’s been ranked as the 23rd skateboarder globally as well as the 13th in street skating, earning those accolades at only 23 years old. While he’s spent time living in California and enjoying Los Angeles’ skateboarding scene, he’s since moved back to his hometown of Chicago to be closer to family and friends. Since that move a few years ago, he’s been working hard at getting Chicago back on the skateboarding map. As Chaz put it in a Rolling Stone interview back in 2015:

“I’m trying to show faith and be out here and represent skating in a positive way. We just got a new amazing skate park right in the center of Chicago. And now there are all these little rippers skating and it’s so cool to see. So my mission is to do stuff out here to help our scene continue to grow. When it’s nice outside, I skate [at] our local park every day. I love meeting kids and parents. Chicago can be pretty rough – I’d rather see kids riding a skateboard than out making bad decisions and getting into trouble.” 

He’s since become the poster boy not only for skateboarding but for his city as well, even throwing out the first pitch of a White Sox game. Now 27, Chaz still has a lot left to do; while skateboarding remains his passion, he’s been grinding more than railings lately.

With so much skateboarding, muscle soreness and stiffness comes with the territory. Despite trying a variety of rubs and balms, Chaz did not find anything that really worked until he tried balms infused with CBD. Inspired, he wanted to create his own brand for other skateboarders to have something to use as well.

As he puts it, “Skateboarding can really take a toll on your body and in order to skate longer, I like to work out, stretch, and ice. CBD is one of the best methods that works for me. This rub is awesome and you can put it on anywhere, any time with no mess! Being a skater and taking care of your body to keep progressing is huge!”

“I can’t wait for you to try it.” – Chaz Ortiz

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