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M Six Labs utilizes third party testing at every stage of the production process to ensure that all products made are compliant. Everything starts with the right plant. Bio mass(Industrial Hemp) comes from farmers that we trust which are located all over the United States. Fit For Commerce Certificates (FFCs) for the bio mass(Industrial Hemp) material is given to the farmer from the State that they are growing the Industrial Hemp plant in. The bio mass(Industrial Hemp) is then turned into oils. Batch samples are then packaged and shipped to a third party testing laboratory for test results.

Industrial Hemp Plant
Delta 8 THC Isomer

Once the product is turned into a distillate, it is then stored in glass jars waiting to be used in production or sold to third parties. When a jar of distillate is earmarked for production it will then get tested again with a FULL PANEL and Potency test. These tests are done by a third party. Starting June 2021, M Six Labs is using a DEA Certified Laboratory exclusively for all of its testing needs. Having a DEA Certified Laboratory do all our testing will ensure consistency throughout our testing processes and in turn will allow us to make the best products we can.

Each product that M Six Labs makes has multiple stages as to when test samples are grabbed, boxed and sent off to the DEA Certified Laboratory for testing. Our goal is to be able to trace any retail ready product from completion all the way back to the bio mass(Industrial Hemp) plant in which it came from. True track and tracing.

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