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Your gonna love my Terry Business Boxing Balm. It’s made with a blend of ingredients that will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. When I put in on, it helps me with those aches and pains. I might be working hard at home or on the road, in the gym or in the ring, I take my Boxing Balm with me where ever I go. My Boxing Balm uses only the purest extracted hemp oil. The full spectrum kind. Pulled from the Industrial Hemp plant and put in my Boxing Balm. This product is safe in all 50 states and many countries around the world. Never tested on animals. No psychoactive effects. Its non-GMO and vegan friendly. No wax and no parabens in my balm. Just pure goodness.  You could say it just might be my secret weapon.

Always tested in a DEA Certified Laboratory to make sure its safe to use. Made in Wisconsin. Has less then .03% THC by volume. Terry Business Boxing Balm.

To celebrate my victory in the boxing ring, I am running a sale on my very own Terry Business Boxing Balm. Normally $39.99. I’m 1-0 in the ring. So, between my boxing debut, all the love my fans have showed me and all the support I have been given, I thought I would give back. That’s why we reduced the price to just $19.99 plus shipping handling and tax if applicable. Terry Business Boxing Balm, its that good.

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