Private and White Label Programs Formulated to Meet your Needs

We want to enable everyone we work with – from farmers to processors to producers to retailers – to have the tools they need for success. Beyond our products and processing options, we have a variety of services available for those interested in private or white label options.

White labeling means we develop the products on your behalf, you slap your logo on it, and you turn around and sell it to your customers. Whether you need a production facility or want to expand your operation, white labeling us will enable you to increase your profits, streamline your process, test new concepts, and give you more flexibility with how you develop your product line and business.

Here are a few of our private and white label services. If you have any questions about anything at all, please reach us by phone (262-825-5510) or our built-in contact form

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Turn-key CBD Production

Want to get your feet wet in the CBD industry but have no idea where to start? Our dedicated team will help turn your ideas and thoughts into reality. From first concept to first sale, we’ll walk with you every step of the way, handling all the hard parts of the process to help get you up and running and teaching you as we go.

Infuse Oils

If you cook it, drink it, eat it, or smoke it, we might be able to infuse it. Infusing is what we do. It is that simple. What do you want to infuse? We can help.

Special Formulas

Need help finding a new flavor or a specialized formula you want to run as a limited time offer? Do you need help scaling a formula you already have or expanding your product line? Our mad capable scientists are happy to answer any questions you have about blending and formulating CBD oils and come up with exactly what you’re looking for.