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Silver Lake Dog and Pet CBD products.  Restore the balance to your pet’s life with Silver lake’s CBD Pet Oil Tincture  Silver Lake’s CBD Pet Oil Tincture can be just as beneficial for animals as it is for humans. Liquid products are a great choice when desiring a rapid onset of hemp benefits. Easily drop the tincture into your pets mouth, drop into water or mix in with food. Our premium hemp and MCT oil could be helpful to your pet. Firstly, it promotes healthy digestion and appetite, can also support the reduction of symptoms associated with seizure disorders, may help easing of inflammation and pain, enhance brain function, and could reduce anxiety and nervousness.

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Unflavored CBD Pet Oil tinctures are available in three concentrations depending on weight and size:

125mg – 25lb. or less (small pets like Chihuahua’s, Boston Terrier’s, and Pug’s)

250mg – 25-50lb. (medium-sized pets like Bulldogs, Border Collie’s, and Staffordshire Terrier’s)

500mg – 50+ lb. (large pets like Poodles, Gold Retrievers, and Labradors)

All of M Six Labs’ CBD Pet Oil Tinctures are third party lab tested by a DEA registered laboratory.

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