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THC-Free Cannabis Products

M6 Labs makes the best THC-free cannabis products and other handmade confections without THC. There are many different chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. CBD and THC are the most well-known. These products do not contain THC (the one that gets you high).

What is CBD?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is related to the marijuana plant. CBD can’t make people high by itself, but it does have other uses besides making people high.


According to Harvard Medical School, CBD is often used to help people with anxiety. Some studies show that CBD might help people sleep better, including if they have trouble sleeping or are anxious. Although more studies are needed to substantiate claims from previous studies, there have been studies that suggest that there is evidence that CBD helps alleviate inflammation and arthritis.

What is THC?

The chemical THC is the reason for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. It acts like the cannabinoid chemicals made by your own body. Cannabinoid receptors are found in certain parts of the brain that are associated with thinking, memory, pleasure and coordination. THC attaches to the receptors in your brain and activates them and it causes changes in memory, pleasure, movement, thinking, concentration, coordination and sense of time.

What are the benefits of THC-Free?

Products containing THC are sometimes illegal, but if they do not contain THC or have very low levels of it which is considered a “trace amount,” then they are legal in all states. Trace amount or THC-free products are not enough to have psychotropic effects or cause you to return a positive blood test.


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