Delta 8 Cartridges

M6 Labs has the best delta 8 cartridges. M6 processes the highest purity delta 8 isomer & infuse it with the most natural cannabis derived terpenes on the market. With flavors like Banana Punch, Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Blueberry Lemonade, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Grandday Purple, Grape God, Green Crack, Key Lime Pie, Lemon, Pound Cake, Melonatta, Mimosa, Pineapple Express, Purple Punch, Runtz, Skywalker OG, Slurricane, Sour Alien OG, Strawnana, Tangie, Trainwreck, Wedding Cake, Zookies, and Zour Apples M6 Labs has an extensive list of some of the most popular natural vaporizer flavorings. We never flavor our delta 8 vape carts with unnatural flavorings e.g. Chocolate Raspberry Donuts. M6 makes its delta 8 pre-filled vape carts with C-cell 510 thread vape carts.

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