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CBD Gummies Made With Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate

M6 Labs manufactures some of the highest quality CBD gummies made with full spectrum hemp distillate. We create some of the most high quality hemp distillate infused gummies.

Firstly, all our pure hemp gummies are made with 100% natural gelatin. Each standard sized CBD gummy is made with 10mg of hemp distillate. We even manufacture a large sized hemp gummy with 50mg of hemp distillate.

Secondly, some people find that hemp distillate may aid in stress management, mood support, & restful sleep. Premium high refined hemp distillate may help manage the effects of stress, soothe muscle stiffness and aches, possibly lower inflammation. However, all medical & health benefits & effects of hemp distillate are anecdotal and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Lastly, M6 Labs premium hemp gummies come in sweet’n sour and an assortment of delicious¬† flavors. Some CBD gummy variations are even infused with caffeine and even melatonin. M6 Labs prides itself on its delicious and convenient candies such as hemp gumm