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M6 Labs was started January 2018 by Terry Maxwell and his family out of a need for easy fulfillment of authentic high quality hemp products. M6 Labs is a vertically integrated hemp processing lab located in Wisconsin. We source all our hemp biomass locally from our own farms to ensure quality. Then process the hemp plants into distillate, cannabinoid isomers, & cannabinoid isolates. M6 Labs manufactures over 150 different finished consumer products in-house from the oils we process in the lab. After the manufacturing process is completed all of M6 Labs products are third party tested by qualified laboratories. We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom product formulations & bring brands to life.

Meet The Team

Terry Maxwell CEO M6 Labs
Mark Hubbard
Janiece Maxwell

Any Questions?

Yes, all the hemp processed into oil by M6 Labs is grown in Wisconsin in our own farms.

Creating your own hemp brand is incredibly simple with our streamlined production & fulfillment system. We have an in house print & design team who can guide logo creation & label design. M6 Labs manufactures hundreds of popular hemp based consumer products we can adhere your label to.

Yes, we offer all our customers brands for wholesale. You are able to choose from almost a dozen branded products.

Yes, of course! We have many wonderful international customers we are happy to accommodate.

Yes, we integrate with Ship Station and can help streamline your B2C business online.

No, M6 Labs doesn’t believe in MOQs. Order as much or as little of our products wholesale or with your own branded labels.

Yes of course! All our products are third party tested by qualified laboratories. Stickers with QR codes are placed on every finished consumer product that we manufacture. Lab reports are hosted on our website with easily accessible links to .pdf documents.

Yes of course! M6 Labs is able to create any hemp product you see out on the market and many you do not.

Yes, we are able to sell any of our products in a variety of bulk forms.

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